Protection Bracelet #2

Protection Bracelet #2

Featuring Jet Stone, Hematite, and Smoky Quartz.


Hematite - is one of the strongest for energetic protection among all the spiritual crystals and semi precious stones. It is a root chakra stone, which helps you stay grounded. Hematite creates a protective shield around your aura. It dissolves negative energy and prevents you from absorbing negativity from others. This is the reason I use it on my Protection Jewelry. Emotionally Hematite helps to release stress and anxiety. It is a calming stone that heightens self confidence, power, and self esteem. It is also a great stone for those who lack courage. Hematite will help your thoughts to stay more focused and balanced, and will help with concentration.


Smokey Quartz essentially absorbs negative energy and gives it to the earth, which eases burdens and anxiety. When put in a fearful position, hold this crystal in the palm of your hands, visualize giving it your heavy fears and burdens, and then place it on the dirt for transmutation.


Jet - It's powerful protection energies are said to ward off evil, negativity, as well as psychic attacks. Jet is considered one of the most powerful absorbers of “negative energy” not just around one but within one as well (such as depression).